Introducing Emma & Tom’s Vending Machines

Introducing Emma & Tom’s Vending Machines

As one of the world’s busiest and most popular cities, Sydney is home to a litany of gyms that serve tourists and residents alike. With around 3500 gyms in Sydney offering a variety of fitness facilities, one of the best ways to make yours stand out is through offering convenience. At Qualityvend, we provide vending machines that’ll enhance your customers’ health experience and potentially boost your clientele numbers. As one of the first companies providing Emma & Tom’s vending machines in Sydney, we’re here to tell you about the benefits of bringing one to your gym.

Your customers can refresh themselves before their workout

With a growing number of fitness fanatics attending the gym during their lunch break or after work, being able to grab a snack or an energy drink makes their experience more convenient. Similarly, if you want to help your clients maximise their workout experience, you can add items such as energy boosters. With a vending machine, it’s possible to grab relevant products on-the-go and start breaking a sweat, all in one place.

Busy clients can boost their protein levels when their workout finishes

From using cardio machines, such as treadmills, to lifting weights, a lot of exercises place a strain on your clients’ muscles. Whether they’re looking to build muscle or encourage rapid repair, installing an Emma & Tom’s vending machine that provides protein bars makes their lives easier. With the right selection, your clients can introduce enough amino acids to their body post-workout to begin the repair process rapidly. A key advantage of doing so in the first half-an-hour is that they’ll also burn maximum calories, allowing them to take advantage of their temporarily rapid metabolic rate.

Each vending machine is modern and takes cards

At Qualityvend, we recognise that vending machines won’t bring much to your business if your customers can’t use them. As a result, we make it possible to access the products within them using credit and debit cards. If a lot of your clients don’t carry cash, they won’t have to walk past the machine and miss out on the chance to purchase their favourite post-workout products.

At Qualityvend, each of our machines comes with insurance and you can choose maintenance plans. As such, you don’t have to worry about losing out on business due to old faults. Whether you need to refresh your current machine or you’re bringing one to your Sydney gym for the first time, we want to hear from you.