Vending Machines Geelong

Vending Machines Geelong

For almost 180 years, the beauty of Geelong has captivated visitors and residents alike. Only an hour’s drive from Melbourne, it retains the charm of a growing smaller city but is close enough to the excitement of the big city. As an important port and the unofficial “gateway city” to Victoria, Geelong will continue to thrive and provide opportunities for more development. Proof of Geelong’s prosperity lies in the fact that Geelong’s property market has seen the fastest growth of any region in the nation.

As Geelong Grows, It Needs More Healthy On-Site Vending Options

Growing development and businesses can lead to growing waistlines. Australian workers see the traditional lunch hour disappear as demands expand. Workers need a place to get delicious, but healthy food quickly so they can get back to work.

Enter Qualityvend. We provide quick and easy, but delicious and nutritious food that will not leave anyone hungry. Each machine offers a wide variety, from juice drinks to healthy wraps and sandwiches. Qualityvend products have the right blend of protein, good carbohydrates, and other nutrients designed to pick you up during the workday. Even if you just need a snack or a quick drink, Qualityvend has an option for you.

Qualityvend machines serve every customer quickly and conveniently, taking both cash and credit.

An Industry Leader and Innovator in On the Go Food in Geelong and Across the Country

We at Qualityvend take pride in emerging as an industry leader in healthy and tasty on the go food. From our machines in Geelong and everywhere else, customers can buy restaurant quality food ready to eat now. Whether you’re after a quick lunch before getting back to the grind or need to satisfy your hunger late at night after everything has closed, Qualityvend satisfies.

Don’t miss out on an opportunity to tap into the growing and thriving marketplace of Geelong. Hospitals, hotels, gas stations, office buildings, and any other place where hungry people congregate is a wise spot to place a Qualityvend machine. Businesses across Australia have learned the benefit of adding Qualityvend to their vending machine line up and so can you.

To learn more about Qualityvend, either the healthy lineup of products or how it can add to your business, please contact us today by phone or email. Our friendly and professional staff stands ready to help.

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