How PPE Vending

When contractors, staff or visitors come to your company, you can issue them an access card that will allow them to use QualityVend’s PPE vending machine. They can then check out PPE 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Each access card is unique, and every purchase is immediately recorded along with the product details, the date and time, along with what card swiped to take the equipment out.

These reports are easily accessible as well. You can quickly and easily view and download these reports on any authorised laptop, computer, smartphone or iPhone with access to the internet. The reports come in .xls, .pdf or .csv format.

When you log in to our secure system to view your tracking reports, you’ll immediately see a bar graph that monitors usage over the past week along with a line graph that shows the usage down to the hour. It’ll send out email alerts if a product’s levels are getting low so you can reorder and have plenty on hand at all time.

QualityVend’s vending machines also allow you to set spending limits and track spending for specific individuals, companies, or job sites. All of these features allow you to protect your bottom line and reduce costs.

Benefits of Using QualityVend's Personal Protective Equipment Vending Machines

Using cutting-edge monitoring technology, QualityVend’s PPE vending machines bring several benefits to the companies or job sites that use them. These benefits include:

Our vending machines also come with contactless cashless options. They can read keyfobs, Mifare cards, HID Prox cards and HID iClass cards. This means that we can most likely integrate your existing access control system or ID cards seamlessly into the QualityVend system to save you time, hassle and money.

QualityVend PPE Vending Products

At QualityVend, we have personal protective equipment as well as chemical control products available for our vending machines. We can customise the contents to suit your business, job site, or needs.

We offer a totally free appraisal that lets you see what items are misused. We use this information to create a customised plan based on the usage volumes. Additionally, you’re still able to purchase your PPE products from your current suppliers. You’ll be able to get your specials, discounts, and deals while using one of our vending machines. Our Chemical Control Unit items include:

Our stock of Personal Protective Equipment includes:

Are your PPE costs out of control and you’d like a secure and fast way to monitor usage by job site, business sector, employee or contractor? If so, QualityVend’s PPE vending machines can help. Contact us today to find out more!