Custom-Made Vending Machines

If you’re looking for vending machine services but can’t seem to find one that ticks all of your boxes, look no further than Qualityvend. We’re proud to be one of Australia’s most innovative vending companies, offering dynamic product offerings fully customised to your needs. Unlike other vending companies that offer limited packages and pre-set inventory, we offer completely flexible vending options. While other companies may shut you down, if you want both Coke and Pepsi in your machine, we can make it happen!
combination vending machine

Why Custom-Made Vending Machines?

When it comes to supplying your entire office or storefront with snacks and food, you know your customers and employees best. Our flexible plans allow you to customise your machine fully and choose which products you want to be offered. Whether you’re after our snack machines or our Health Star Rating machines, enjoy flexibility in our options and never settle for the products you don’t want.


Healthy Vending Machines

Giving your employees and customers access to healthy snacks can help promote a healthier lifestyle and encourage healthy choices. We offer several nutritious, custom-made vending machine options in different sizes depending on your needs. With endless dried fruit, trail mix and healthy drink options, choose which products work best for your business.

Snack Vending Machines

In addition to our healthy vending machines, we offer our traditional snack vending machines as well. These machines come loaded with your favourite brands of snacks and drinks. With chips, chocolate, soft drinks and more, enjoy complete flexibility in which products you want your machine to have.
black snack vending machine

Choosing the Right Vending Company

We operate out of the Sydney CBD, Melbourne CBD, and Perth while striving to bring flexible vending options across Australia. When choosing your vending partner, don’t settle for limited pre-packaged vending machines and choose the products you actually want. For more information on any of our services or to find out which personalized vending machine is best for you, contact us today.

Quality Vend