Committed to:

Indigenous engagement for our first nation people.

Qualityvend has always been a friend to the Indigenous Communities around Australia.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask

In 2019 we commenced providing the infrastructure for Blackrock Vending Indigenous engagement.

Qualityvend is so proud to be giving back. Our crew work tirelessly to bring it all together for Blackrock Vending.

Qualityvend Director Brendan Gurry expands:
“I am passionate about vending with over 30 years of customer excellence behind me. I am just as passionate about our first nation people, and it is an amazing feeling to play a role in helping the rehabilitation in the second chance for change program. For so long I yearned to give back, this program has real meaning. 

 Qualityvend may provide the infrastructure but in the over all scheme of things nothing compares to the vision of Blackrock’s founder Steve Fordham.”

Steven Fordham started second chance for change with the dream of helping his mob find a better pathway. Steve wears many hats with Blackrock Industries. 

Below is a video of Steve speaking at the 2022 job summit

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Meet the team

Brendan Gurry, and the team, stand behind a lifetime of vending operational excellence with over 45 years experience and a boundless passion for the industry. 

Reach out to us today on 1300 133 090.




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