Getting the most of your workplace vending machine means having the flexibility you need to offer what your employees want and need. We make it easy to choose the variety of snacks and drinks to keep everyone in your office happy and energetic.

We’ve had more than 45 years of experience providing vending machines to businesses to all the major cities in Australia. One thing we’ve learned from that experience is that everyone has different needs. Some require a ‘pick me up’ in the middle of the day with a lolly or caffeinated drink.  Others follow a strict diet for their good health or personal beliefs. We give you the flexibility to meet a range of needs even if you only have room for one machine!

Some of the reasons that our customers consider Qualityvend  Australia’s best vending service include:

  • We are Australian owned and operated
  • We offer our services in all capital cities throughout Australia
  • We offer a hands-on approach to ensure you get the best possible service every day
  • Your vending machine is customised to your workplace and your specific needs
  • No other vending company offers the range of consumables that we do
  • Get the latest “Health Star Rating System” products and promote a healthy lifestyle in your office

One of the biggest complaints made by employers is that their machines frequently run out of products long before the vending company returns to fill them. We know that keeping your vending machines filled makes them beneficial. You don’t have to worry about keeping your vending machine stocked.

If a vending machine stops working properly, we take care of the maintenance and repairs. Just give us a call, and we’ll be there to service your machine at no charge. We understand the value of the vending machine to your company and your employees. We want you to get the greatest benefit possible!

Many new customers find the difference our vending machines make to their workplace surprising. They provide a valuable service by giving employees the healthy snacks they need. The right snacks provide more energy, clearer thinking, and better productivity from the people you rely on to keep your business running.

Whether you have a vending service that you aren’t happy with or are considering installing a machine for the first time, give Qualityvend a call. We offer tailored vending solutions for the workplace, corporate facility, and out & about locations.

Give us a call now to discuss having a vending machine installed 1300 133 090