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Cutting-edge vending solutions in Perth that cost absolutely nothing with 0 ongoing costs. 

Perth's Best Selection of Snack, Beverage, and Meal Vending Machines.

In search of the most effortless way to secure vending machines for your establishment in Perth? Look no further, as we introduce the perfect solution – entirely FREE of charge, with no ongoing expenses.

At Qualityvend, we offer a comprehensive vending machine solution tailored for diverse establishments throughout Perth, including businesses, universities, public venues, medical facilities, and event spaces. Our groundbreaking $0 solution empowers you to provide your customers, staff, or guests access to their desired products without straining your budget or consuming your valuable time.

Count on our team of friendly and skilled service technicians to ensure that your vending machines in Perth remain fully stocked, up-to-date, and meticulously maintained, all without requiring your outreach or appointment scheduling.

Why wait? Take the next step today and connect with us. Your ultimate vending experience in Perth awaits.

Our range of Vending Machines

Traditional drinks and snacks.

Delight in cherished flavors of classic snacks and drinks that satiate your cravings with every bite and sip.

Traditional Snack Vending

Health Star rated snacks

Snacks that boast high Health Star Ratings, combining enticing taste with valuable nutrition.

Health Star Rated Vending

Vending Meal Solutions

Well-rounded meal options, conveniently available to fuel your busy lifestyle without compromising quality.

Meal Vending

The Top Rated Perth Vending Machine Provider

We have 45 years of professional and customer orientated vending machine solutions.


45 years’ experience in managing fleets of vending machines.


Cashless Payments, Tap n Go, Closed loop system.


45 years’ experience in managing fleets of vending machines.


Energy efficient vending machines reducing your power bills.


Dealing with real people who enjoy serving you.


One point of contact for simplicity.

Some of the people we are working with

Our Perth Vending Machine Team

We do things Differently.

At our Perth location, our dedicated team is committed to providing exceptional vending machine services tailored to your specific needs. With comprehensive training and a customer-centric focus, we ensure a seamless experience from installation to ongoing maintenance. The Perth Vending Machine Team stands out for their expertise, personalized approach, operational excellence, and responsive customer support.

  • Expertise: Rely on our skilled professionals who grasp the intricate workings of vending machines, ensuring flawless operation and customer satisfaction.
  • Tailored Approach: Recognising the individuality of each establishment, our team collaborates closely with you to curate vending solutions that perfectly align with your preferences.
  • Operational Excellence: From setup to regular upkeep, our Perth team operates meticulously, ensuring uninterrupted functionality of your vending machines.
  • Responsive Assistance: Whenever you have questions or concerns, our team is readily available to provide friendly and prompt support.


Government Regulations

Australian Electrical standards compliance

EPA Refrigeration standards

Test & Tagged – leaving the factory

ATO (GST compliant & registered issuer of RCTI)

OH&S – ISA completed on new business

Equipment Support

7days Service Support (same day fix)

Pre-employment check

Qualified Vending Service Technicians

SureVend Vending technology – (Product Guarantees)

Vending Equipment Up-Grade availability

Systems & Procedures

Staff are trained and accredited

Online technology tells us when to fill your machine

Credit Card Payments give accountability to transactions

Public & Product Liability Insurance

$20 Million

Available upon request

Transparent reputable supplier

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Cost Truly $0? Are There Any Unseen Charges?

100%! Our way enables us to bill you a grand total of $0, with absolutely no ongoing expenses or concealed fees.

What makes your vending machines different?

We’re the exclusive distributor of the leading inventory management brand, ShelfX technology. ShelfX allows us to offer features such as remote monitoring, live inventory management, and expanded merchandise.

Our contemporary machines are aesthetically pleasing, use LED lights to save electricity and sensors that ensure we vend the products properly. Our machines have tilt-sensing security features (including warning stickers) and secure, cashless or Tap’n’Go payments.

What’s in Our Vending Machines in Perth?

We offer traditional and healthy product offerings, depending on your preferences. Our machine types include:

  • Combination machines: These contain a variety of beverages, snacks and healthy options.
  • Beverage machines: These offer a huge variety of drinks including healthy options such as mineral water, dairy and soy or energy drinks.
  • Snack machines: These include healthy snacks such as fruit and nut mixes, dried fruit and healthy crackers, or traditional chips, chocolate bars and other delicious items.
  • Meal machines: These dispense larger fresh snacks, frozen meals and instant meals. Great for busy workplaces.

We also have coffee and non-food product machines and you can opt for live display machines or glass-front machine displays.

Why Choose Us?

It’s so easy and fuss-free. You’ll receive an attractive, modern vending machine in your workplace that gives your customers and staff a choice of quality products. We’ll perform all the maintenance and repairs. In exchange, you’ll be paid a commission for every purchase. If you’d like to install one of our vending machines in Perth, contact our friendly team at 1300 133 090 or email us at hello@qualityvend.com.au.



Quality Vend