Healthy Vending Machine

Healthy Vending Machine

Healthy Vending Machines with QualityVend

Give your staff healthy drink, meal and snack options to keep them full and focused with QualityVend.

The Healthy Food and Drink in NSW for Staff and Visitors Framework has several high-quality programmes dedicated to promoting clean and healthy snacking for employees while they work. At QualityVend, we believe in the same principles. Giving your employees access to healthy snacks make getting into the healthy eating habit easier. In turn, you get more productive employees.

Initially offering our healthy vending machine options around Sydney’s CBD, we have since expanded to the Melbourne CBD, Tullamarine and Epping. We offer several different options and sizes with our vending machines so you can easily customise them to suit your needs. Whether you want a drink vending machine, snack vending machine, coffee, frozen meals or a combination, QualityVend has the healthy vending machine for you.


QualityVend's Healthy Snack, Drink, and Meal Offerings

We’re extremely proud to offer such a diverse line of products that are sure to keep your staff full and focused when that afternoon wall arises. We can provide healthy and nutritious snacks, drinks, or full meals with our vending machines.

Healthy Snack Options

  • JC Delicious Healthy Mix – JC Delicious Healthy Mix features several healthy and filling roasted peanut and cashew mixes. They include a Rancho Mix, Outback Mix, Healthy Mix and an Energy Mix so you can push past that afternoon slump.

  • Crispy Fruits –Crispy Fruits dried fruit snacks come packed full of nutrients and protein to give your employees energy as they go about their day. Get a tropical fruit taste with Crispy Fruits Dried Fruit Mango.

  • Piranha Snacks –Whether you want something crunchy, salty or savoury, Piranha Snacks has it. Their line of healthy Vege Crackers can satisfy any craving. We offer Piranha Balsamic Vinegar and Sea Salt, Sweet Chili Lime and more.

Healthy Drink Options

  • Waterford’s Mineral Water –Do you want a sweet drink without all of the sugar? Waterford’s Mineral Water can give you just that. We stock flavours like Passionfruit Lite, Raspberry Lite, Orange and Mango or Orange and Passionfruit so you can get your healthy and sweet fruit drink.

  • Energy Drinks – Sometimes, you need a little something extra to help you power through your day. At QualityVend, we have a selection of healthy energy drink options. Choose from options like Crank 20g Protein Shake in chocolate, V, Redbull Sugar Free and Mother.

  • Dairy or Soy – We offer a selection of iced coffee, chocolate or strawberry milk, and fruit flavoured dairy or soy drinks as well. These high-quality brands include Nippys, Breaka and Sanitarium Up & Go.

Meal Options

  • Fresh Food – We have a selection of fresh food meals available from our vending machines. You can get healthy, nutritious, and delicious meals instantly. Our range includes meals by Wokka, On The Go, Mug Shot, John West, Campbell’s and much more.

  • Frozen Meals –Savory and delicious, we have a range of frozen meals on offer at QualityVend. Whether you’re in the mood for Chicken Pad Thai or Chile Con Carne and Rice from Sun Rice or Red Kidney Bean Salad from Edgell, we have it.

  • Instant Meals –We understand that you may not have time for anything other than an instant meal, and we have healthy options for this type of meal as well. They’re loaded with protein to keep you full and focused all day long. We also have vegan and vegetarian options available.

When it comes to healthy food, drink and snack choices, it’s hard to beat QualityVend’s premium selection. If you think that your employees would benefit from one of our vending machines or if you have questions, contact us. We’re ready and willing to help in any way we can.