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Enhance Snacking and Beverage Choices with Innovative Vending Solutions That Cost $0.

Ballarat Vending Machines: Snacks, Beverages, and Meals.

Looking for the simplest way to acquire vending machines for your Ballarat establishment? Look no further, as we introduce the perfect solution – completely cost-free, with no ongoing expenses.

At Qualityvend, we bring you a comprehensive vending machine solution curated for various establishments across Ballarat. This encompasses businesses, universities, public venues, medical facilities, and event spaces. Our innovative $0 solution empowers you to provide your customers, staff, or guests access to their desired products, without straining your budget or consuming your valuable time.

Our team of approachable and skilled service technicians ensures that your vending machines in Ballarat remain consistently stocked, up-to-date, and impeccably maintained – all without requiring your intervention or appointment scheduling.

Ready to take the next step? Contact us today to embark on your ultimate vending experience in Ballarat. Don’t wait any longer!

Vending Machines Customised To your needs

Traditional drinks and snacks.

Delight in cherished flavors of classic snacks and drinks that satisfy your cravings.

Traditional Snack Vending

Health Star rated snacks

Elevate your snacking journey with snacks that boast high Health Star Ratings.

Health Star Rated Vending

Vending Meal Solutions

Experience the convenience of well-rounded meal choices.

Meal Vending

Why Ballarat Businesses Love Working With Us

We have 45 years of professional and customer orientated vending machine solutions.


45 years’ experience in managing fleets of vending machines.


Cashless Payments, Tap n Go, Closed loop system.


45 years’ experience in managing fleets of vending machines.


Energy efficient vending machines reducing your power bills.


Dealing with real people who enjoy serving you.


One point of contact for simplicity.

We have worked with some amazing businesses

Our Ballarat Vending Machine Team

Located in Ballarat, our dedicated team is committed to providing exceptional vending machine services tailored to your specific needs. With comprehensive training and a customer-centric approach, we ensure a seamless experience from installation to ongoing maintenance. The Ballarat Vending Machine Team distinguishes itself through expertise, personalized service, operational excellence, and responsive customer support.

  • Expertise: Rely on our skilled professionals who grasp the intricate workings of vending machines, ensuring impeccable operation and customer satisfaction.
  • Personalised Approach: Acknowledging the uniqueness of each establishment, our team collaborates closely with you to craft vending solutions that perfectly match your preferences.
  • Operational Excellence: From setup to regular upkeep, our Ballarat team operates meticulously, ensuring uninterrupted functionality of your vending machines.
  • Responsive Support: Whenever you have questions or concerns, our team is readily available to provide friendly and prompt assistance.
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Government Regulations

Australian Electrical standards compliance

EPA Refrigeration standards

Test & Tagged – leaving the factory

ATO (GST compliant & registered issuer of RCTI)

OH&S – ISA completed on new business

Equipment Support

7days Service Support (same day fix)

Pre-employment check

Qualified Vending Service Technicians

SureVend Vending technology – (Product Guarantees)

Vending Equipment Up-Grade availability

Systems & Procedures

Staff are trained and accredited

Online technology tells us when to fill your machine

Credit Card Payments give accountability to transactions

Public & Product Liability Insurance

$20 Million

Available upon request

Transparent reputable supplier

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Cost Truly $0? Are There Any Unseen Charges?

100%! Our way enables us to bill you a grand total of $0, with absolutely no ongoing expenses or concealed fees.

What vending options do you have?

We offer an extensive range of machines, each suited to the unique needs of your business. Whether your staff, customers or visitors are in need of easy-to-grab snacks or need something more substantial, we have the machine you need.

  • Drink Machines: For thirst – quenching beverages on the go, our drink vending machines stock something for everyone. Our product range includes classic soft drinks and water, as well as energy drinks to keep everyone fueled.
  • Snack Machines: Our take on the traditional vending machine includes all the classic vending machine snacks from chocolate bars to snacks and a few substantial items like trail mix included.
  • Food Machines: For those in need of more substantial food options, our food machines come stocked with grab-and-go lunch options. Features sandwiches, salads, reheatable meals and more.
  • QV5000: For the best of both worlds, choose the powerful QV5000. Enjoy both snacks and drinks in this unit and choose from healthy or classic snacks to keep your business fueled.

Why do you supply Ballarat?

As the third largest city in Victoria, Ballarat is a bustling metropolis home to businesses of all industries. From its rich colonial history to its proximity to the beautiful central highlands of Victoria, Ballarat is full of both tourists and locals in need of fresh and flavourful food and beverage options on the go. At Qualityvend, we proudly service the businesses of Ballarat with our industry-leading line of high-tech vending machines.



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