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Qualityvend provides complete vending solutions that allow you put quality products in front of your staff or visitors – 100% free of charge. 

Melbourne Meal, Snack and Drink Vending Machines

Do you want to know the easiest way to get vending machines for your Melbourne location – 100% free of charge with absolutely NO ongoing costs? The answer is simple: call us.

Here at Qualityvend we provide a complete vending machine solution to Melbourne businesses, universities, public places, hospitals and event centers. Our revolutionary $0 solution allows you to give your customers, employees or visitors access to the exact products they love without breaking the bank or taking up your valuable time.

Our team of friendly, professional, servicing techs make sure that your vending machines are stocked, updated and maintained at all times without you needing to call or schedule appointments.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch.

We have a wide range of customisable vending machines Available Today

Traditional drinks and snacks.

Oldies but goldies. Everyone loves the traditional vending machine experience, with brands we know and love.

Traditional Snack Vending

Health Star rated snacks

Love snacks but can't stand the calories? Why not try our health star rated snack vending machine?

Health Star Rated Vending

Vending Meal Solutions

The perfection options for keeping your staff healthy, happy and productive. Fresh meals that are quick and ready to go.

Meal Vending

WHY CHOOSE US as your melbourne vending provider?

Professionalism and customer service is at the core of our 45 years servicing Melbourne.


45 years’ experience in managing fleets of vending machines.


Cashless Payments, Tap n Go, Closed loop system.


45 years’ experience in managing fleets of vending machines.


Energy efficient vending machines reducing your power bills.


Dealing with real people who enjoy serving you.


One point of contact for simplicity.


our Melbourne team


Working out of our Melbourne headquarters our team of highly trained and presentable staff ensure a friendly, happy and professional experience when we are refilling, servicing or updating your vending machines. 

  • Personalise servicing
  • “Built-For-You” vending solutions
  • A local Melbourne team 
  • Friendly maintenance crews


Government Regulations

Australian Electrical standards compliance

EPA Refrigeration standards

Test & Tagged – leaving the factory

ATO (GST compliant & registered issuer of RCTI)

OH&S – ISA completed on new business

Equipment Support

7days Service Support (same day fix)

Pre-employment check

Qualified Vending Service Technicians

SureVend Vending technology – (Product Guarantees)

Vending Equipment Up-Grade availability

Systems & Procedures

Staff are trained and accredited

Online technology tells us when to fill your machine

Credit Card Payments give accountability to transactions

Public & Product Liability Insurance

$20 Million

Available upon request

Transparent reputable supplier

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it really cost $0? Where are the hidden fees?

Yes! Our revolutionary system allows us to charge you exactly $0 with $0 in ongoing costs and 0 hidden fees. 

How does a vending machine benefit my Melbourne based business/center/etc.

Hospitals: When your patients’ loved ones arrive at their bedside late at night, the last thing they’re thinking of is food. They want to be there for their family member or friend to soothe them, ease their fears, or cheer them up. But long hours waiting take their toll. Instead of stocking your machines with stale potato chips and sodas, give them food that aligns with your mission to promote good health—quality food from suppliers who are as committed to health as you are.

Travellers, too, and people visiting hospital patients in the Greater Melbourne Area, need decent food ‘round the clock. Our new ShelfX system delivers the goods. For added convenience, it uses wireless technology to detect which items were bought and then bills the customer’s chosen method of payment. An app is also available, making this the vending machine of choice for people on the go.

Universities: No matter how much professors caution against it, students often stay up late cramming for their examinations. Feed their brains with healthy choices in your vending machines and watch their confidence—and their scores—rise.

Businesses: Sometimes your employees—to get a tough project done—have to grab a bite of lunch and get back to work quickly. They may not have time to go out to a restaurant or didn’t have a packed lunch. Or, if they’re working late into the evening, even late-night takeaway spots may not be open. They need healthy meal options on the job, according to the NSW Government’s guidelines for healthy eating.

So the main benefit to having an onsite meal source that is quick, easy, healthy and, best of all, tasty so that it increase the productive and satisfaction of your employees, boosting their moral and motivation.

To discover more about the range of healthy foods Qualityvend can offer to your Melbourne-area university, business, hotel, hospital, or other institution, contact our sales team today.



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