The last couple of years has seen a reduction in the use of cash and this has had a major impact on how we use vending machines. All of our snack, cold drink and combination vending machines are capable of accepting cashless payments. During the Covid lockdowns many of our machines became 100% cashless vending machines.

At Qualityvend we make sure that all of our vending machines offer cashless payment options. Whether you use your card, phone or our special QR code payment options it gives you the ability to buy items from our vending machine. We can customise payment solutions to make it easier for staff or patrons to purchase items from the vending machines. Call us now on 1300 133 090 or contact us  for prompt installation of a 100% cashless vending machines.

Just to confirm that you can use your card, your apple pay or android pay phone, your ring or your watch. As mentioned we also have access to our special QR code. It makes every transaction easy, clear and precise.

Tired of your old vending machine not accepting coins or refusing to take that trusty five dollar note? Then update to 100% cashless today, installed, filled and maintained at no cost. Qualityvend proudly use the following cashless card reader suppliers and   

Qualityvend is proudly 100% Australian owned with offices in Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and joint head offices in Melbourne (Epping) and Sydney (Seven Hills) Call us today for prompt installation. 1300 133 090.

Installation of our vending machines is an easy process. No hassles, no headaches, no need to worry. As one major facilities manager told us ‘ Qualityvend has gone over and beyond, if only all of our service providers thought like Qualityvend.

So next time you wander out to that vending machine for a 3.00 pm pick me up and it gobbles your last $5.00 note, think about replacing your existing existing machines with Qualityvends.