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Qualityvend brings forth an all-encompassing vending machine solution meticulously tailored for a diverse range of establishments throughout Parramatta. This encompasses businesses, universities, public venues, medical facilities, and event locales. Our pioneering $0 solution empowers you to provide your customers, staff, or guests with access to their desired products without straining your budget or consuming your valuable time.

Count on our friendly and skilled service technicians to ensure that your vending machines in Parramatta remain abundantly stocked, up-to-date, and meticulously maintained, all without necessitating your outreach or scheduling of appointments.

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What vending machines we can supply

Traditional drinks and snacks.

The best option for the Traditional vending machine experience.

Traditional Snack Vending

Health Star rated snacks

Perfect for those looking to supply healthy options to their consumers.

Health Star Rated Vending

Vending Meal Solutions

Want some bigger options? Try out fresh meal vending machines.

Meal Vending

Parramatta's most reliable vending machine provider!

We have 45 years of professional and customer orientated vending machine solutions.


45 years’ experience in managing fleets of vending machines.


Cashless Payments, Tap n Go, Closed loop system.


45 years’ experience in managing fleets of vending machines.


Energy efficient vending machines reducing your power bills.


Dealing with real people who enjoy serving you.


One point of contact for simplicity.

We supply vending machines to these amazing companies

Parramatta vending done differently

Experience the difference that a highly trained, professional vending servicing team can make! 

  • Proactive vending maintenance. 
  • Modern Technology.
  • Friendly team of Parramatta locals.


Government Regulations

Australian Electrical standards compliance

EPA Refrigeration standards

Test & Tagged – leaving the factory

ATO (GST compliant & registered issuer of RCTI)

OH&S – ISA completed on new business

Equipment Support

7days Service Support (same day fix)

Pre-employment check

Qualified Vending Service Technicians

SureVend Vending technology – (Product Guarantees)

Vending Equipment Up-Grade availability

Systems & Procedures

Staff are trained and accredited

Online technology tells us when to fill your machine

Credit Card Payments give accountability to transactions

Public & Product Liability Insurance

$20 Million

Available upon request

Transparent reputable supplier

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Cost Truly $0? Are There Any Unseen Charges?

100%! Our way enables us to bill you a grand total of $0, with absolutely no ongoing expenses or concealed fees.

Parramatta’s Growing Businesses Need Healthy On-Site Food Vending

With that rise in companies doing business in Parramatta and surrounds comes the need for higher-quality vending machines; specifically, those that can deliver a decent meal on-site. Growing businesses often need all hands on deck—which means no long lunch breaks. Grab and go is essential.

For that, Qualityvend is there. When you want a decent selection of nutritious, stick-to-your-ribs foods that you and your employees can access quickly, we have the finest selections of food vending in the Parramatta area for you to choose from. Our food vending machines have the whole gamut—from nutritious juices to wraps and sandwiches, full of brain-boosting protein, healthy carbs, and other nutrients. Of course, if all you need is a snack or a drink to get you through your next project, we have you covered there, too. No cash on hand? No problem. Our machines take credit cards as well.

On the Leading Edge of Vending in Parramatta and All of Australia

We’re on the leading edge of on-the-go nutrition in Australia. Featured in the 23 November 2016 edition of Vending Times, Qualityvend goes all out to bring restaurant-quality, shelf-stable food to Parramatta’s hard-working people stuck at work after everything has closed.

Travellers, too, and people visiting hospital patients in the Parramatta area, need decent food ‘round the clock. Our new ShelfX system delivers the goods—and uses wireless technology to detect which items were bought—and bills the customer’s chosen method of payment. An app is also available, making this the vending machine of choice for people on the go.

To learn more about what Qualityvend can offer to your Parramatta-area business, hospital, hotel, or other institution, contact the sales team today.



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