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Are you searching for the most convenient way to acquire vending machines for your Sydney establishment? Look no further, because we have the solution for you – absolutely FREE of charge and with NO ongoing expenses. 

At Qualityvend, we provide a comprehensive vending machine solution to various establishments across Sydney, including businesses, universities, public venues, medical facilities, and event spaces. Our groundbreaking $0 solution empowers you to offer your customers, staff, or guests access to their favorite products without straining your budget or consuming your valuable time.

Our team of approachable and skilled service technicians ensures that your vending machines remain well-stocked, up-to-date, and properly maintained without requiring you to initiate calls or schedule appointments.

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Every type of vending machine you could want

Traditional drinks and snacks.

The "old faithful" is filled with brands you know and love for that little extra kick throughout your day.

Traditional Snack Vending

Health Star rated snacks

Snacking shouldn't have to be unhealthy, that is why we provide a "Health Star" rated option for the health conscious.

Health Star Rated Vending

Vending Meal Solutions

Looking for something a bit more substantial? Why not try out the fresh range in our Meal Vending Machines?

Meal Vending

Why we are the trusted choice for vending machines in Sydney!

We have 45 years of professional and customer orientated vending machine solutions.


45 years’ experience in managing fleets of vending machines.


Cashless Payments, Tap n Go, Closed loop system.


45 years’ experience in managing fleets of vending machines.


Energy efficient vending machines reducing your power bills.


Dealing with real people who enjoy serving you.


One point of contact for simplicity.

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The Sydney Team

What you get when working with us.

Operating from our Sydney base, our dedicated team of extensively trained and well-presented professionals guarantee a pleasant, cheerful, and expert encounter while replenishing, servicing, or enhancing your vending machines.

  • Tailored maintenance schedule
  • Custom-crafted vending solutions
  • A Sydney-based team taking care of you
  • Welcoming and capable maintenance crews


Government Regulations

Australian Electrical standards compliance

EPA Refrigeration standards

Test & Tagged – leaving the factory

ATO (GST compliant & registered issuer of RCTI)

OH&S – ISA completed on new business

Equipment Support

7days Service Support (same day fix)

Pre-employment check

Qualified Vending Service Technicians

SureVend Vending technology – (Product Guarantees)

Vending Equipment Up-Grade availability

Systems & Procedures

Staff are trained and accredited

Online technology tells us when to fill your machine

Credit Card Payments give accountability to transactions

Public & Product Liability Insurance

$20 Million

Available upon request

Transparent reputable supplier

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Cost Truly $0? Are There Any Unseen Charges?

100%! Our way enables us to bill you a grand total of $0, with absolutely no ongoing expenses or concealed fees.

What Advantages Does a Vending Machine Bring to My Sydney-Based Business/Centre/etc.?

Hospitals: When visitors arrive at their loved ones’ hospital bedsides during late hours, their primary concern is being there for their family member or friend. They aim to provide comfort, alleviate fears, or offer support. However, extended waiting periods can be draining. Instead of stocking vending machines with standard items like stale chips and sugary drinks, provide nourishment that aligns with your commitment to health—nutritious offerings from suppliers who share your wellness values.

Travelers and those visiting hospital patients in the Sydney area also require quality sustenance around the clock. Our innovative ShelfX system is the solution. It utilizes wireless technology to identify purchased items and conveniently charges the chosen payment method. An accompanying app further enhances this vending experience, making it the preferred choice for individuals on the move.

Universities: Despite warnings from professors, students often find themselves burning the midnight oil to study for exams. Fuel their minds with wholesome selections from your vending machines, and witness their confidence—and grades—flourish.

Businesses: Occasionally, employees need to grab a quick lunch and promptly return to work to tackle challenging projects. They might lack the time to dine out or have not prepared a packed meal. And during late work hours, even takeout options could be limited. Offering nutritious meal choices adhering to the NSW Government’s healthy eating guidelines can significantly benefit their on-the-job experience.

The principal advantage of providing an on-site meal solution that’s swift, convenient, wholesome, and delightful is heightened productivity and employee contentment. This, in turn, bolsters morale and motivation.

To explore the array of wholesome foods that Qualityvend can bring to your Sydney-based university, business, hotel, hospital, or other establishment, get in touch with our sales team today.



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