Healthy Options for Staff at Work

Healthy Options for Staff at Work

The Healthy Food and Drink in NSW for Staff and Visitors Framework (The Framework) has several programmes that are intended to promote healthy snack choices for employees while they work. This directly corresponds with our mission at Robinson’s Vending. We are passionate about having your staff at their best. Having access to healthy and tasty meal, drink, and snack options can help your staff perform their best, every day. This is why we pride ourselves on providing vending machines in Sydney and Melbourne with nutritious selections.

When people get the option of snacking or eating healthy food on a regular basis, it helps to translate over into their everyday lives. Making healthy snack and meal choices can become a regular habit, which can help fight the rising Australian obesity rate.

Healthy Meal Choices

We have a list of constantly changing delicious and healthy meal choices available for your employees and visitors. Whether you want a big meal or a smaller meal to tide employees over until they finish their shift, we can help with our vending machines in Melbourne.

Our Thai Red Chicken dish is chef-prepared, and it comes with a delicious and authentic Thai red curry sauce with a side of wild rice. We also have Chicken Tagine, which is an exotic and flavourful stew with almonds and chickpeas in a rich sauce.

If you like beef dishes, you simply must try our Beef Massaman. Our selection of tender beef cuts pairs beautifully with massaman curry and sides of kidney beans and chickpeas. Our rich Beef Burgundy features tender beef that is chef braised in aromatic red wine with bacon, onions, mushrooms, and a side of green lentils.

We have lamb meals available as well including the traditional French dish Lamb Navarin with sweet spring vegetables and lamb immersed in a silky tomato sauce and a side of potato casserole. Our Lamb Kofta is a dish with lightly spiced lamb meatballs in a flavourful sauce with a side of fragrant lentils.

This is just the start. We have dozens of healthy meal choices available for your staff to choose from each day. Our vending machines in Sydney are always stocked and ready, and we switch out our selection regularly.

Healthy Snack Choices

If you don’t want a meal but you want healthy snack choices, you can get them from Robinson’s Vending. We have an exclusive line of gluten-free, vegan, and non-processed snack options to keep your staff full and energised all day long.

We stock Emma & Tom’s products in all of our healthy vending machines. Their line of snacks come packed full of vitamins, minerals, and protein that can help keep your employees and visitors full and focused as they work and visit your facility. Our stock of Emma & Tom’s Protein Bars includes sweet and salty flavours like Cacao & Coconut, Cacao & Orange, Apple & Cinnamon, Salted Caramel and more.

Our healthy snacks don’t stop there. We also have Blue Dinosaur Paleo Bars and Super Bites along with a selection of Crispy Fruits Dried Fruit Snacks. These healthy and tasty snacks are the perfect thing to kickstart your employees’ work routines.

Healthy Drink Choices

You want to have healthy drink choices available as well as healthy meal and snack options so you can offer your employees a well-balanced and nutritious meal or snack. Our selection of sugar-free, bubbly sparkling water or juice drinks is the perfect compliment to our food choices. We also have soy products, energy drinks, smart water, iced tea, coconut water, Gatorade, Powerade and many more choices.

If you’re curious about our healthy meal, drink and snacking options, contact us. We’d be happy to answer any questions or arrange to set up one of our vending machines at your business in Sydney or Melbourne so your employees and visitors can have healthy meal options every day.