Common Vending Machine Company Complaints

Common Vending Machine Company Complaints

While there’s no real downside to installing a vending machine in your workplace, like everything in life, they aren’t always perfect and problems do happen. Thankfully, if you’re a Quality Vend customer, you won’t have to worry about any of the issues below, as we quickly address anything you’re not happy about! There are some complaints that come up regularly in the industry though, so we thought we’d address them to reassure you. 

There are actually two primary categories that vending machine complaints fall under. These are :

  1. Vending Equipment – the vending machines themselves and any technical issues with them.
  2. Service and logistics – any issues with vending company communication or machine management (meeting deadlines etc), as well as expectation management.

Here are a few reasons that complaints about vending machines happen:

Technical Issues

Mechanical or technical problems make up the largest number of complaints within the industry. Vending machines are just that – machines – so even the most advanced machines sometimes get a glitch or play up in other ways. That’s life and no matter how good the vending machine company is, sometimes things happen that can’t be prevented. Thankfully, we will address any machine issues as soon as they occur and repair or even replace your machine if needed.

Planning and Logistics

If a vending company is large enough, it will be managing hundreds of machines and just as many customers, which is obviously a big job. Most companies are very professional and use the latest technology to track inventory, deliveries, routes etc so that machines are refilled on time and issues are resolved quickly. When things go wrong, requests or changes are made though, it’s difficult for some vending operators to stop everything and attend to this immediately, as it impacts their whole logistical operation. 

If they aren’t highly experienced, your vending operator might be late refilling your machine, or make you wait for a fair while before they address your request, change or other issue.  Thankfully, at Quality Vend, we have honed our logistics and planning in a way that ensures any requests, changes or issues are addressed promptly and all machines are filled on time, every time.

Less income than expected

One of the perks of installing a vending machine at your workplace is the passive income you’ll earn via a commission from each sale made. You need to curb your expectations though, as a single machine making a dozen sales a day probably isn’t going to give you enough income for that tropical holiday. It is basically ‘free money’ though, because all you need to do is select a vending machine type to install at your workplace – you don’t need to do anything else, as we handle the refilling, repairs, issues and everything else. Our vending machines will silently generate revenue for you based on the number of items sold. This income is paid quarterly into your nominated bank account and will always be paid on-time.

Non-responsive or rude vending company employees

Another complaint directed at a (thankfully) a small number of vending companies is that their employees are non-responsive to requests or downright rude to customers. This is just not on – at Quality vend, you’ll always be responded to as quickly as possible and you will never receive rude service. Ever!

Old Vending Machines that steal money or don’t possess cashless payment options

Yep, old vending machines are still used by many vending companies. Sometimes this is ok because the company might keep them very well maintained and the customer might be ok with an older machine; however, nothing beats a shiny, newer machine. 

Older machines that don’t offer many forms of cashless payments will definitely lose your sales, as most people don’t carry cash these days. Some machines are known to be temperamental too, taking end-users ‘ money but not dispensing products or not working at all. At Quality Vend, our machines are all cutting-edge and reliable, giving end-users plenty of payment options. You’ll never have to worry about stolen change or other problems because we’ll respond to any issues promptly.

As you can see, there are many reasons for customers to complain about some vending machine companies or issues, but at Quality Vend, we work extra hard to ensure you are completely happy with every facet of our service. If you’d like to experience this for yourself, give us a call on 1300 133 090 or click here to contact us online.