Healthy Vending Machine Food – The QV Healthy Eating Promise

Healthy Vending Machine Food – The QV Healthy Eating Promise
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When people think of vending machines, several things come to mind in terms of available products. In fact, there are only a few if we are totally honest: Soft drinks, chips and chocolate bars. And those have been a key part of our business for many years and will continue to be all the while that they are in demand from our customers.

But there are some new kids on the block, and those are in the way of healthy eating options.

The consumer will always want a can of Coke, their daily Snickers bar, or an occasional packet of spicy Doritos. But as we all become more conscious of our eating habits and our health in general, things in the vending game are changing.

And we at Quality Vend are adapting to suit.


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Here are some of the alternative healthy vending machine food and drink options that are all in stock in our warehouses.

Healthy Crackers

There are many choices here, and all equally as delicious and flavourful as the potato and corn counterparts.

Think both wholegrain and rice crackers, coming in many different shapes, sizes and, more importantly, flavours. You think of your favourite potato chip flavour, and there will be a much healthier equivalent.

Fruit and Vegetable Chips

Another alternative to a bag of your standard cheese and onion or salt and vinegar, fruit and veggie chips are dried for crunch, which makes their flavour intense as it becomes concentrated. And the options are endless: apple, coconut, kale, pumpkin, zucchini, broccoli; the list goes on. Fantastic for both little and big kids who love their chips but want to remain healthy in the process. Extremely popular with schools to keep in line with their dietary requirements. 

Energy Bars

These can take various forms ranging from the “breakfast on the go” products that are very healthy and popular with gym members, to nut and granola bars. They are also various options to suit people that are gluten or lactose intolerant or have allergies.

Flavoured Water and Natural Fruit Juice

Not everyone wants a Pepsi, Fanta or Red Bull. But equally some people find water a little boring. So, we have a huge range of naturally flavoured, carbonated waters, and fruit juices. You can keep hydrated without the sugar and the calories.

Choose Healthy Vending Machine Food Options 

When it comes to healthy food and drinks, the options are pretty much limitless. So, if you want convenient products that encourage a better lifestyle, whether it be for your school, gym, or even your office, we can tailor a vending solution that caters to your needs. Give us a call on our contact number 1300 133 090, or email us at