Poor old vending machines have received a bit of a bad reputation over the years. You can blame it on stalled technology in the 80s and early 90s, when vending machines were boxy, shabby, unreliable, coin thieves and coffee machines were… just ugh! Thankfully, like the rest of technology, vending machines caught up and are now much more reliable, streamlined, and deliver fresh, tasty foods and even coffee without stealing your hard-earned cash. 

In fact, you might be really surprised at just how tech-savvy the vending industry has become! One of the most exciting advancements is plain old snack machines, which have gone from dispensing teeth-rotting junk foods to supplying actual healthy snacks and meals to tired office workers, train travelers, and other vending machine users the world over. There’s plenty of evidence through surveys and similar that show office workers appreciate good quality snacks being provided in their workplace. What better way of doing this than via a vending machine that makes healthy snacking quick, easy, and affordable!

Some of the healthy options we stock at Quality Vend include:

Healthy Meals – these are actual meals that you can purchase from the vending machine, pop it in the microwave (or eat it cold if you wish, in some cases), and Bon Appétit. These meals come in large or small sizes, so are perfect for every mealtime. Choices include things like chef-prepared Chicken Tagine, Gnocchi, Pollo Funghi, Thai Red Chicken, Lamb Kofta, Beef Burgundy, and many more!

Healthy Snacks – If a snack’s an easier choice for your staff, but you don’t want productivity dropping due to the slumps associated with unhealthy diets, then our exclusive line of healthy snack options is for you. Our healthy choices include gluten-free foods, vegetarian and vegan, as well as additive-free and non-processed options. We stock snacks such as vitamin and mineral-packed protein bars in both sweet and savory flavors, as well as paleo, low-carb, ancient grain, and nut bars or slices. We have trail mix, dried fruit, little nibbles, and cheese or tuna with crackers, plus even more! You’d probably find more healthy snacks in one of our machines than you would in a small supermarket!

Healthy Drinks – There’s no point offering healthy meals and snacks if your staff is just going to wash it all down with a soft drink. We have a lovely selection of refreshing and healthy drink choices, including meal replacement milk, soy, and protein drinks. We offer sugar-free, additive-free, and smart water. We also have juices, sparkling water, energy drinks, sports drinks, iced tea, coconut water, and more. 

These choices can be mixed and matched in any combination. It’s not just healthy food and drinks choices that have advanced with the times though – we also have machines stocking:

  • Traditional snacks and drinks 
  • Shelf-stable food 
  • Gym specific / protein products
  • Coffee products
  • Safety / PPE products
  • End of trip facility product

That’s right – we have machines that stock safety equipment for workers (earmuffs, safety goggles, etc), products that are suited to the gym, end of trip products (cycling lights, tubes and locks, and similar), and more. These machines can either be regular cash/card machines, or we can set them up for you so your staff can use a free personal card to dispense the products whenever they’re needed. This method also records each dispensed item under that staff member’s name in a database, meaning you can monitor the usage of costly equipment to reduce waste.

All of our modern and attractive vending machines have non-damaging rubber feet, product vend sensors to make sure each product is vended as it should be (no more coin stealing machines!), our details clearly visible, and a warning sticker to deter rocking or jarring. Our machine range includes a glass-front combination, snack, frozen foods or beverage machines, live-display beverages, and a coffee machine. Our machines are also energy efficient and offer Cashless Payments, Tap n Go, or Closed loop systems for payments. We maintain our machines to the highest standards, meaning not only will you receive a modern, attractive machine, but you’ll also have happy staff and be paid commissions for their purchases! It’s a no-brainer!
If you’d like to install a vending machine in your workplace, give Quality Vend a call today on 1300 133 090 or click here to contact us online.