Melbourne Vending Machines

Melbourne Vending Machines

The second-largest city in the country, Melbourne is the hub for a diverse number of suburbs—and a great place to do business. As the world’s most liveable city, it has attracted a variety of businesses and has already risen to a coveted spot among the world’s top 15 financial centres. With entertainment, world-class restaurants, and an excellent transportation system, the city has grown by leaps and bounds since the 1990s.

Jobs have skyrocketed—especially during the late 2000s. Melbourne’s robust business climate helped the area weather the last decade’s financial crisis with fewer problems than most cities. After all, that’s why you set up your business here.

Attract Quality Workers with Healthy Food in Your Vending Machines

But with that boom in jobs comes the need to attract top talent. If all your office or facility has on hand are old vending machines whose only offerings are stale peanuts and candy, you may lose some employees to a competitor who offers healthy food on site.

Sometimes your employees—to get a tough project done—have to grab a bite of lunch and get back to work quickly. They may not have time to go out to a restaurant or didn’t have a packed lunch. Or, if they’re working late into the evening, even late-night takeaway spots may not be open. They need healthy meal options on the job, according to the NSW Government’s guidelines for healthy eating.

Top-quality work, says the site, demands top-quality fuel—so offer something more than those sodas and empty-carb-laden snacks.

Good news. Qualityvend is now in Melbourne. If you own a business in Melbourne or its suburbs, we have vending machines that provide delicious, healthy foods—everything from protein-rich wraps to vitamin-packed juices. We offer food vending machines that can dish out everything from wraps and sandwiches to salads—even milk!

Keep Late-Night Customers Happy with Full Bellies

Because Melbourne has become a hub for business travellers and holiday-makers alike, visitors may arrive at the wee hours of the night. When they show up at your hotel doorstep, they may be ravenously hungry from the day’s travel. Only one problem—room service closes at midnight.

But if you have a vending machine with restaurant-quality meal choices, you’ll have customers singing your praises instead of griping on online review sites. They may even Instagram a photo of themselves enjoying their meal—giving your hotel even more online love.

Melbourne Hospitals and Universities Need Healthy Food Choices

Hospitals: When your patients’ loved ones arrive at their bedside late at night, the last thing they’re thinking of is food. They want to be there for their family member or friend to soothe them, ease their fears, or cheer them up. But long hours waiting take their toll. Instead of stocking your machines with stale potato chips and sodas, give them food that aligns with your mission to promote good health—quality food from suppliers who are as committed to health as you are.

Universities: No matter how much professors caution against it, students often stay up late cramming for their examinations. Feed their brains with healthy choices in your vending machines and watch their confidence—and their scores—rise.

Travellers, too, and people visiting hospital patients in the Parramatta area, need decent food ‘round the clock. Our new ShelfX system delivers the goods. For added convenience, it uses wireless technology to detect which items were bought and then bills the customer’s chosen method of payment. An app is also available, making this the vending machine of choice for people on the go.

To discover more about the range of healthy foods Qualityvend can offer to your Melbourne-area university, business, hotel, hospital, or other institution, contact our sales team today.

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